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 the tender care of my physiotherapists

I especially noted it this morning when I developed a cough during treatment and they went to get me some water... there is something spiritually serene about the ways in which they minister to my needs that is actually beautiful. Strange how they can treat me like a Ming vase while also trying to force my body to do things that bodies can't do -- sometimes in the same instant!
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the classic sound of 50s and early 60s Blue Note

every so often I come back to these recordings as I am doing now... archetypal and definitive, comforting yet still revealing new depths years later

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being able to listen to The Charlatans while driving
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I've seen this idea bandied about in a few places over the years, but one of the clearest quotes I am able to find as an example is in this book:

"The creators of a comic can control [the reader's] reading speed by altering the levels of information in each panel --- the more detailed the art or the more dialogue it contains, generally, the longer it takes to read. Many comic creators fail to recognise, for example, that a fast-moving fight scene will be slowed down if the antagonists are making lengthy speeches to each other."

I couldn't help thinking of this recently when I saw someone post this page fragment from a 1968 issue of Avengers:

I can easily recognize that this is a good example of action art -- penciller John Buscema is an acknowledged giant of the field. But I also couldn't help noticing that, not only is everyone saying more than they could possibly have time to say in these circumstances, but they are also saying things that no one would say. Think them, maybe -- say them out loud, no. This dialogue not only slows the rendered action to a crawl by its sheer volume, it strains the reader's credulity as well. Yet the comic books from this era are routinely lauded as classics by old-timer fans such as myself.

All I can say is, times, tastes, and techniques have certainly changed.
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 a boss who will go on a coffee run and bring you back a freebie
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 learning deeper self-acceptance
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 a reasonably good dental check-up
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 physiotherapy: this morning I could really feel my tight bits and I knew they needed a good stretch, and they got one
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learning about The 2 Minute Rule
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some alone time in the car with beautiful music on a beautiful day
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my glasses -- I have several different pairs for different jobs, all of which are very important to me
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 doing [sufficiently] satisfactory work
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 seeing a Backyard Bunny after too many weeks without
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 my therapist and the many blessings she confers
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feeling like I am coping and learning, basically that I am doing all right
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 the almost palpable psychic hum of excitement around me as the new academic year begins on campus
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feeling kinda invigorated and excited by tomorrow's launch of the new academic year
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two weeks in August without putting the air conditioner on -- I mean, I am very grateful we have AC, but also for those times when it isn't required, eh?
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 standing here after a week of perfect weather, looking toward what is forecast to be another perfect week -- I need to remind myself that times like this can still happen here, it's too easy to forget... enjoying getting my quota of walks in!
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a fresh supply of bloobs!

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