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getting positive feedback regarding my appearance
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how good it feels to be clean
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being privileged to experience the buglessness of England

Couldn't help noticing that both flats we stayed in during our trip -- plus the ones we had last time we were here -- did not have window screens. And we left the windows open at all times... and yet never once had a bug get into the place. Can't get away with that back home.

Plus, I noticed many many groups out picnicking in the various parks we saw (scant wonder, the weather was perfect for it). But not once did I see anyone swatting at skeeters or waving away wasps, which back home would occupy the majority of my time, energy, and attention during a picnic. Being free of the annoyance of bugs seemed almost magical!

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 meeting Paula Needle

She agreed to come over from Harrogate to York to meet Sharon and me for tea. [Ended up being "just me", but that's another story...] Prior to this, she and I had exchanged a couple of brief PMs on FB but that's about it, it's not like we know each other much. But she has always been very kind via long distance, saying nice things about my art, helping to arrange for me to receive a limited edition Sulk CD, etc. (One of the members of Sulk is her son, and she seems to appreciate my support of his band.)

Anyway, I'm grateful that she was willing to put herself out for my sake... and I'm grateful that I was willing to push past my comfort zone and my shyness and make this "date". I don't do things like this normally [meeting people I don't or barely know], but I can see that this is a useful social skill for me to develop. I had a lovely time [hope she did, too] and I ended up extremely glad that this meeting happened -- it was one of the high points of my trip.


Jul. 2nd, 2017 08:47 pm
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On Friday we took the train from York to Greenwich, arriving in late afternoon. Today, I went to the M&S in Greenwich and had A Moment that I want to preserve...

In front of the store was a lone busker on tenor sax, playing Duke Ellington a capella. I needed to wait for Kyle to finish his shopping, so I decided to wait near this guy and listen to him. He wasn't a deep or breathtaking improviser, although he could easily have held his own in the reed section of a swing band... but his tone was as rich, powerful, and gorgeous as any pro I have ever heard.

He noticed I was actually paying attention to him, and starting chatting with me between numbers. He asked if I played an instrument, I told him I used to, we talked about carpal tunnel and the joy of creating as well as listening... he offered his hand, asked my name, gave his -- I believe he said it was Sylvan... he asked where I was from and about my family... we talked about the ups and downs of aging (he is 60 as well)... then Kyle came and it was time to go. He had a serene peace about him and I appreciated his outgoing friendliness -- the whole encounter really added to my enjoyment and appreciation of this trip. I feel lucky to have met him, even only briefly.

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a day off when I deeply need one
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spring that feels like spring

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sunny garden

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deep rest and good haddock
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the arrival of the latest volume of Valérian and Laureline

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 consecutive sunny days -- feels like it's been a while
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people who appreciate my hidden virtues
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 still learning deep and valuable life lessons, even at my advanced age

also, it's National Cartoonists Day!

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 people who seem glad to see me
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making a couple of drawings this morning that I liked
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 re-confirming a deep lesson: 

There are times when my experience of love is simply a knowing. At the moment, I might not feel like I love you -- no connection to those feelings at all, right now. But I still know that I do. Not because I should, not because it's expected or required... I simply know that I do.

Not sure if I can explain it any more fully than that, but I find it a deep and sobering and humbling thing.
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 (I will confess, gratitude is hard today because The Struggle Is Real.... but) I am glad I am well enough to make it in to the office today.
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the pleasure I find in the mere process of cartooning, even when the end result is less than ideal or not yet in view
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 an employer (and union) who provide me with benefits including paid sick leave, so I can rest and recuperate when I need to without worrying about our finances -- when I see how other people are obliged to live, I realize this is a blessing not to be taken lightly
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 getting old


Today is my sixtieth birthday.  

I'm observing this milestone date with rather less anxiety than I did fifty or forty. I'm delighted to be here! Sure beats the alternative -- or, at least, the only alternative we have currently. (Can't help thinking about this, as I realize that one of my late big brothers never lived to see sixty, so in that sense I am fortunate.) I can't remember the last time I was this excited about my birthday! Plus I have the added bonus of being eligible for the senior discount at some retailers now...  

A while back, I realized that my fifties were clearly my fave decade to date. Life changed in significant ways for me in my fifties, and, now that they have drawn to a close, I feel like I can expect these changes to continue. I learned a lot over the last decade, maybe because I finally reached the point where I was willing to listen. So when I take stock today, things are good.  

Today I am happier, healthier, and better. I am [except for a few aches and creaks] in better health and in better shape than I was at fifty, or at forty. I have a better sense of who I am, what I need, and how I want my life to be. I am more productive and creative than I was ten or twenty years ago. This, here and now, is the best I have ever been. (But I'll be honest, I am a little surprised to find myself saying all this -- it certainly never seemed self-evident back in the day!)  

TL;DR: you don't necessarily have to fear getting old. (I understand that a lot of people do.) You might have more opportunity than you know to change life for the better once you get here... so give it a chance.

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