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Mar. 14th, 2017

johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
...but I had an unusually [for me] vivid and dream-like dream last night:

Sharon was trying to get me to meet some lawyer for reasons I don't recall. In conversation, it came out that this guy was a top adviser for Gerrit Knudsen, the owner of a software design company of whom I had vaguely heard. At one point, Sharon left me alone with this lawyer, and during our conversation he sometimes looked at me pointedly and said things that meant nothing to me, or asked me questions about things I knew nothing about.. and gradually I realized that these things he said would mean something to Gerrit Knudsen... and even more gradually I realized that this guy believed that I had multiple personalites, one of which was Knudsen. In other words, this guy wanted to see me because he thought I was Knudsen.

This made zero sense to me -- from what I could recall from seeing pictures of Gerrit Knudsen, he didn't even look anything like me. I couldn't understand why this guy thought this, nor why Sharon would be willing to play along with him and get me to meet him.

Then Sharon served us food -- some sort of Scandinavian porridge, it seemed like -- and, as soon as I saw and smelled this dish, those sensations triggered my memories... and I suddenly recalled that yes, I had been leading a dual existence all my life, and I actually was Gerrit Knudsen the software tycoon. And in fact I did look like him, even though as "me" I wasn't able to see the resemblance. At this point I still remembered being me, but now remembered my other life as well.

Cut to an event where Knudsen had been asked to provide opening remarks before a choral performance in an arts centre -- "he" was a well-known patron of the arts... but when I appeared at the podium, I neither looked nor acted like myself or Knudsen, but more like some sort of disheveled Mr. Hyde. And instead of introducing the choir, I regaled the audience with an impromptu speech about how I had now discovered a deep secret: each of us has the potential to choose to be anyone we want to be. And, for this reason, we can never completely know another person or ourselves -- because at any moment, we could choose to become someone completely new.

What the.

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