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johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
a beautiful [perhaps perfect] day -- goes a long way toward soothing the savage head
johncomic: (Sweets)
 a new motto

On my way in to work today, I was brooding on recent issues and challenges, feeling kinda sober... and then I caught sight of a lady walking a couple of cute shaggy pups. And I instantly broke into a grin, and for a moment my burden was lightened. And I thought, When you see pups, enjoy seeing the pups. 

And it occurred to me that that modest epigram actually encapsulates a large portion of my personal philosophy, gathering many aspects of it under one small umbrella. I like that little saying, and so I am going to adopt it. (Feel free to use it yourself as you wish.)
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
 so many people getting excited about something as inherently geeky as an eclipse
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
a long deep refreshing sleep --- the second one in a row, in fact!
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
 the wonderful feeling of changing out of cold wet clothes into warm dry ones -- ya forget how good that is
johncomic: (The Mighty Scott)
 revisiting old once-loved music and still loving it
johncomic: (Booth)
 holding fast when at first I don't feel like I can - I like surprising myself that way
johncomic: (Face of Boe)
 the power to make conscious choices
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
 my coworkers -- I'm reminded that not everyone likes or gets on with theirs as well as I do mine
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
a very peaceful morning, the kind I love most
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
making myself do something that's good for me but which I really so did not feel up to doing today
johncomic: (Sweets)
finding fresh little blips of self-discipline
johncomic: (Booth)
a perfect summer day: warm but not hot, not humid, gentle breeze, sun-dappled shade... keep it just like this, please!

johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
coffee and tunes on a holiday morning
johncomic: (piggy family)
brunching with the family at Eggcetra -- it's strange, but I almost forget how much I enjoy the food there, so that it's almost like a surprise whenever we go!

johncomic: (Booth)
The house is so cool that I need a sweater -- and it's August!
johncomic: (SK BW)
the gradual return of enjoyment in drawing

johncomic: (Face of Boe)
beginner's mind

johncomic: (Booth)
being able to go for a walk on a warm but beautiful day [also grateful for shady trees!]

johncomic: (Face of Boe)
satori - and the recognition that it ain't all a bed of cherries

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