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johncomic: (happy piggy)
Three bunnies in the yard behind our backyard [but where we could still see 'em] this morning!
johncomic: (Booth)
passing a park with a group of literally twenty robins in it!
johncomic: (Booth)
Spotting the first robin of the year!
johncomic: (Booth)
the way dogs gotta hang their head out the window
johncomic: (happy piggy)
Bunnies keep visiting our yard -- three mornings in a row now and this tiny little guy resting in the grass this evening:

johncomic: (happy piggy)
a record three bunnies in the backyard this morning

[yes, I know this pic shows only two...]

johncomic: (happy piggy)
being greeted by some swell nature when I opened the garage door this mornin!
johncomic: (happy piggy)
the return of the Backyard Bunny®
johncomic: (happy piggy)
Licky pups!
johncomic: (SK star)
Our first Backyard Bunny® of the year!

johncomic: (happy piggy)
johncomic: (happy piggy)
My fave Christmas music -- one of the things I most look forward to at this time of year
johncomic: (happy piggy)
The anticipation of seeing cute little kids in costume coming to the door this evening...
johncomic: (happy piggy)
Finally seeing a bunny bouncing around the neighbourhood -- it's been too long!
johncomic: (Booth)
While we were out driving today, a deer cantered across the road just a few yards ahead of us and then vanished into a cornfield. Magnificent!
johncomic: (happy piggy)
Free-range chickens.
johncomic: (happy piggy)
The city's pink trees have reached their springtime peak of pinkness!
johncomic: (Face of Boe)
The day is clear and sunny, the sky is blue, the birds are out, and the forecast calls for a high of 21°C/70°F -- beautiful and perfect! (Plus I got to see a big groundhog on the lawn by my office as I came in to work!)
johncomic: (happy piggy)
The brave robin who hopped out onto the front lawn of the house across the street this mornin, looked up into the blasts of freezing rain, and [I am sure] said, “You think I care about this? It's still spring, dammit!” Go, robin!
johncomic: (happy piggy)
Saw this. Day = made.

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