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brunching with the family at Eggcetra -- it's strange, but I almost forget how much I enjoy the food there, so that it's almost like a surprise whenever we go!

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people who appreciate my hidden virtues
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going out for a great meal and great time with all the kids -- I got spoiled having all of them at home all the time before, so now when we are all together it's a special occasion
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people who accept me
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reminds me of someone I know
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can't decide among several so I will toss them all in!

1) long ago, Sharon taught me that, if the name of the month contains an R, it is good luck for the first word you say upon waking on the first of that month to be “rabbit”. And yesterday I learned that the Japanese consider it good luck to watch the sun rise on January 1. Today I did both, so my luck is all sewn up!

2) this year, for the first time I can remember, I didn't gain any weight between Christmas and New Year's.

3) The Mighty Chris turns 45 today - I am grateful to have him and his work here.

4) I found some new faces to tackle for my Ink Studies and I am excited about getting to them.

5) my family is happy and healthy.

6) today is beautiful and sunny for the first time in what seems like weeks.
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having someone else shovel my driveway
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Creative milestones: Sharon and Paisley both successfully completed NaNoWriMo early, and I finished the script for the next Space Kid! episode sooner than I feared.

Those are things.
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the caring and love of my children
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My family -- they are all really swell! I need to stop and remember that more often....
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the creativity of my family members
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[and thankful for -- cuz it is Thanksgiving, eh?]

love -- both the people I love and those who love me... they humble me, but not enough to give it up
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Turkey anticipation!
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My big brother Artie would have been 64 today -- this is the first birthday he missed. Acknowledging him on his day.
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our kids and their creativity -- I feel like we set a good example for them by letting them grow up in a house where it was normal to see people making things
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My dad.

Were he here, he would've turned 89 today. As it happens, he never quite saw 80, but be that as it may.... I wouldn't be here now, had he not done his part in making me happen. And I like being here, so thank you for helping make me, dad.
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when people enjoy music I share with them even more than I expected
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flexibility in my schedule
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info that sets your mind at ease
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Being able to walk.

My older brother has been bedridden for months, and when I visited him this morning I noticed how his legs have atrophied... and I couldn't help thinking that, if all his other medical issues were suddenly miraculously cured, he probably still would not be able to walk now -- he'd need weeks or months of physiotherapy to build his legs back up to where they could support him.

Another friend online reports frequent severe attacks of vertigo which make standing up and walking a substantial challenge, for yet different reasons.

And yet I do these things many times a day without giving it any thought. Today I'm giving it some thought.

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