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how good it feels to be clean
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a day off when I deeply need one
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deep rest and good haddock
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 consecutive sunny days -- feels like it's been a while
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 (I will confess, gratitude is hard today because The Struggle Is Real.... but) I am glad I am well enough to make it in to the office today.
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 an employer (and union) who provide me with benefits including paid sick leave, so I can rest and recuperate when I need to without worrying about our finances -- when I see how other people are obliged to live, I realize this is a blessing not to be taken lightly
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 a hot shower which felt extra good on a chilly morning
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 My new office glasses work great!
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a really really good nap
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 getting my annual exam to check my retinas for diabetic damage and being told they look "perfect"
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reminds me of someone I know
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The big snowstorm didn't extend as far north as they feared, and so we got off lightly!
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my bed -- having a comfortable place to sleep is such a deep blessing
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a quiet day (given that I currently lack the resources to address a demanding one)
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a really tasty batch of bloobs
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I received a new dental filling on Wednesday last week. Today just before noon it fell out. By 1:15 it was replaced! Fast or what?
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glasses -- where would I be without them?!
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a really warm new winter coat
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surprise/"emergency" dental work that ended up being far easier than past experience would ever lead me to expect!
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can't decide among several so I will toss them all in!

1) long ago, Sharon taught me that, if the name of the month contains an R, it is good luck for the first word you say upon waking on the first of that month to be “rabbit”. And yesterday I learned that the Japanese consider it good luck to watch the sun rise on January 1. Today I did both, so my luck is all sewn up!

2) this year, for the first time I can remember, I didn't gain any weight between Christmas and New Year's.

3) The Mighty Chris turns 45 today - I am grateful to have him and his work here.

4) I found some new faces to tackle for my Ink Studies and I am excited about getting to them.

5) my family is happy and healthy.

6) today is beautiful and sunny for the first time in what seems like weeks.

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