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being privileged to experience the buglessness of England

Couldn't help noticing that both flats we stayed in during our trip -- plus the ones we had last time we were here -- did not have window screens. And we left the windows open at all times... and yet never once had a bug get into the place. Can't get away with that back home.

Plus, I noticed many many groups out picnicking in the various parks we saw (scant wonder, the weather was perfect for it). But not once did I see anyone swatting at skeeters or waving away wasps, which back home would occupy the majority of my time, energy, and attention during a picnic. Being free of the annoyance of bugs seemed almost magical!

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spring that feels like spring

johncomic: (happy piggy)

sunny garden

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 consecutive sunny days -- feels like it's been a while
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 being able to put the trash out in daylight
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a beautiful sunrise -- something which requires the co-operation of the weather and my sleep schedule for me to appreciate
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Three bunnies in the yard behind our backyard [but where we could still see 'em] this morning!
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having the windows open!
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Wearing my spring shoes!
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passing a park with a group of literally twenty robins in it!
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Spotting the first robin of the year!
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The big snowstorm didn't extend as far north as they feared, and so we got off lightly!
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two mornings in a row of sunny weather and dry roads
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several mild days -- due to come to an end soon, but they sure were nice while they were here!
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a really tasty batch of bloobs
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clean dry roads [they have been a rarity of late]
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a really warm new winter coat
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can't decide among several so I will toss them all in!

1) long ago, Sharon taught me that, if the name of the month contains an R, it is good luck for the first word you say upon waking on the first of that month to be “rabbit”. And yesterday I learned that the Japanese consider it good luck to watch the sun rise on January 1. Today I did both, so my luck is all sewn up!

2) this year, for the first time I can remember, I didn't gain any weight between Christmas and New Year's.

3) The Mighty Chris turns 45 today - I am grateful to have him and his work here.

4) I found some new faces to tackle for my Ink Studies and I am excited about getting to them.

5) my family is happy and healthy.

6) today is beautiful and sunny for the first time in what seems like weeks.
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the way dogs gotta hang their head out the window
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once again, warm shelter -- when, once again, we are being hit by a windy blizzard

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