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how good it feels to be clean
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
 a hot shower which felt extra good on a chilly morning
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 My new office glasses work great!
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
 getting my annual exam to check my retinas for diabetic damage and being told they look "perfect"
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learning a new trick on the office's document-producing software
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"...unlike the original study, the subjects in these new ones weren’t just college students..."

Wait, what?

Okay, this is on me, not remembering that the original 2010 study was conducted on college students -- I have no recollection of this being said. But still....

I've spent years, letting myself get depressed by the idea that this study has shown that people's minds cannot be changed by appeals to reason... watching it become adopted as a general truism in discussions, feeding the "post-facts" era, etc...

But all this time, the study was conducted on people in their late teens and early twenties?? The age where you know everything and no one can tell you anything?! I was like that at that age, my friends were, my kids are now, it is a rare exception to find anyone in this age group who significantly veers from this....

Holy mackinaw, if in 2010 they had come out and said "This study proves that you can't change the minds of late teens and early twenties with new facts and appeals to reason", I'd be like "what else is new?"

Holy mackinaw again.
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my bed -- having a comfortable place to sleep is such a deep blessing
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clean dry roads [they have been a rarity of late]
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I received a new dental filling on Wednesday last week. Today just before noon it fell out. By 1:15 it was replaced! Fast or what?
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glasses -- where would I be without them?!
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
a really warm new winter coat
johncomic: (Booth)
surprise/"emergency" dental work that ended up being far easier than past experience would ever lead me to expect!
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a leisurely morning at work -- our main system is down till at least after lunch, which renders us incapable of doing anything but kicking back and taking it easy
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once again, warm shelter -- when, once again, we are being hit by a windy blizzard
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
warm shelter on a cold blustery day
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
the ground is not as slippery as it might first appear, so my excellent winter shoes are in fact a smidge of overkill
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trying out a new piece of equipment at physio today -- I was told I may experience some discomfort tomorrow but we shall see
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managing to get in early to get the snow tires on - smooth quick and easy, unlike the last couple of years
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
really big icepacks
johncomic: (SK BW)
having massive stores of good-quality cartooning supplies on hand

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