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 (I will confess, gratitude is hard today because The Struggle Is Real.... but) I am glad I am well enough to make it in to the office today.
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 an employer (and union) who provide me with benefits including paid sick leave, so I can rest and recuperate when I need to without worrying about our finances -- when I see how other people are obliged to live, I realize this is a blessing not to be taken lightly
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 My new office glasses work great!
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learning a new trick on the office's document-producing software
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a leisurely morning at work -- our main system is down till at least after lunch, which renders us incapable of doing anything but kicking back and taking it easy
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the satisfaction of performing diligently at my job - because, yes, there are times when I actually do that!  :P
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re-learning how to wake up without the sun -- always a big adjustment for me as the autumnal equinox approaches
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hmm, I am feeling the effects of neglecting my gratitude practice, so making yet another attempt to get back in the groove...

today I was faced with a challenge: parking on campus this fall has gotten so horrendous that, even though I have been coming in a half hour early to try to get a nearby parking spot, I end up being forced to go to the farthest corner of campus before there is a vacancy. (Last year, even when I came in later, I didn't need to park as far away as I have been doing this week coming in early.)

So: today I am grateful that:

- at least there was a spot open somewhere - not like those few days when I've had to wander around the various lots hoping someone will leave
- this spot will get good shade in the afternoon to stop the car from getting hot
- the weather this morning is dry, pleasant and comfortable for my long walk to the office
- I have lots of time to make the walk at an easy pace
- I am feeling well enough today to make a walk that long without any undue duress

Huh. Not bad.
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Twenty years ago I used to be grateful for move-in day on campus, for being able to behold thousands of new co-eds arriving. Today, it is once again move-in day and I find myself appreciating being able to behold their moms....
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Being greeted by a mess at work but then mopping it up easier and faster than I expected.
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unexpectedly scoring a bonus day off!
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my desk fan... cuz the A/C in the office doesn't seem to be cutting it today
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My hand/forearm brace.

I am in the midst of my annual three-week stretch of massive mousing/typing at work when I am obliged to do mountains of inputting... which, after the first day or two, makes my carpal tunnel flare up remarkably. At the moment my whole arm aches and burns all the way up into my pec, and I won't alas be hitting the drawing board any time soon... but the brace really does make a surprising difference in keeping things down to a dull roar and enabling me to keep slogging away.

I do look forward to all this passing and me being able to get back to drawing again, though, I gotta tell ya...
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My co-workers -- they brighten my days!
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Being back at the office, believe it or not!
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The approach of a long weekend -- after putting in a full week of Working While Sick®, I could use a break...
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Being well enough to be back at work, even though I am kinda swamped with backlog...
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Managing to not miss any work this week [knock wood] ...
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IT guys who can fix sutff!
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Mopping up big projects!

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