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johncomic: (The Mighty Scott)
the fact that I am deriving ever-increasing enjoyment and fulfillment from this Blue Note Binge® I have been on over the last few weeks

John Coltrane Blue Train cover what a classic
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
my beard trimmer -- it makes a tricky job really easy!
johncomic: (Moss)
getting a chance to watch the Robot Truck® in action with my sutff in front of my house

johncomic: (Face of Boe)
 continuing to get in better touch with my feelings

you might think I left it awfully late in life to be doing this, and you'd be right
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
getting the dishes finished in record [for me] time
johncomic: (piggy family)
being married to my fave chef
johncomic: (SK BW)
 posting a drawing online and getting Likes from artists who are way better than me
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
 nice weather for when we were forced outside for a fire alarm
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
the restorative power of a solid nap
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
a day of rest when a bug has got me down
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
receiving good solid advice, which even at my advanced age and development I can still use

johncomic: (The Mighty Scott)
when there is jazz playing @ *$
johncomic: (Booth)
learning a new repair
johncomic: (Face of Boe)
 gaining a clearer picture of my own humanity
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
oats... man, when I think of how many of my days get launched by them...
johncomic: (roundhead cartoon self-portrait)
Chris Samnee -- one of very few artists keeping the spirit of Alex Toth alive in today's mainstream comics

Chris Samnee
johncomic: (Moss)
medical science and the lives it has saved
johncomic: (Face of Boe)
a feeling of awareness of myself as a full and complete human being
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
 a flash of insight making everything clear
johncomic: (Moss)
the fact that, thanks to my dumfoan, I always have a camera on me so I can take and share frivolous pics and try to fit in

old car on campus

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