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facing my fear and finding out that fear was unnecessary
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tackling and taming a creative roadblock, clearing the way so I can get back to pretending to be a writer, yay
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not getting discouraged and not giving up -- seems to me that avoiding those is A Good Thing®
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the insight to recognize that my worrying has no upside and achieves nothing of any value -- all it does is negatively impact my peace and my health

still waiting for the wholeness of awareness which will allow me to actually stop, based on said reasons

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not only the first bunny sighting of the year, but the first time ever to achieve the legendary Five-fecta -- when in one day I see all five things I track sightings of:
  • robins
  • bunnies
  • basketball kids
  • Robot Trucks
  • Statuedog®
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the robustness of robins -- I would think that today was too cold and blustery for them to want to leave their nests, but they were out in force all over town
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getting dental work done quickly and painlessly
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the first new Sleeper album in over twenty years
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getting started on the first draft of a new novel - fingers crossed
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discovering a new British store [more strictly speaking, a Scottish store] within reasonable distance from my town -- meaning we once again have access to some fave UK foodstuffs! It's like regaining some of a lost yet beloved vibe! Haggis FTW!
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finding cheer in the moment
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receiving two useful documents for the car well before their deadline
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the best-ever, perfect April Fools prank - delightfully amusing but utterly devoid of shock, frustration, damage, or inconvenience
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If, after a week of sun and above-freezing temperatures, March has decided to squeeze in one last-minute prank, then I am grateful that I have no obligations to go out in it today.

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squeezing in another walk in the milder weather

P.S.: saw three robins!

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the best batch of head grapes so far this year
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gaining an insight into a character by recognizing where her life quest mirrors my own -- gives me a better handle on writing her
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I dunno if I can say that Secret Story is The Mighty Pat's best album, but it's one of his most approachable and appealing, and it's the one I find myself listening to most often. And, a while back, a moment on that album helped me crystallize some of my own thoughts about myself.

The Longest Summer is one of many stellar tracks on the album. This one in particular stands out because it prominently features Pat on piano as well as guitar. I love his piano playing on this track, I find it gorgeous.

It occurred to me that there might be people who wondered why he didn't get a Real Pianist to play this. He knows many of them. His buddy Lyle Mays, pianist for the Pat Metheny Group and one of the finest pianists in the world, was available -- and in fact Lyle appears on several other tracks on the album. There might be people who listen to Pat's piano here and think that they know of "better players" -- more technically proficient, more dazzling. And, granted, it's clear from this song that Pat is much more adept on guitar, which is his "real" instrument.

But, for one, I figure he must've wanted to do this one himself, because he did. And he could. And, for another, he did fine. What he plays fits what the song needs, it's attractive and satisfying, and it completely works. Would the song sound more gorgeous or more touching if the piano were flashier? I would argue no. Pat's piano playing on this song is not just good enough, it's Plenty Good Enough®. This was the moment where I stumbled upon this concept.

I realized that, if I try to evaluate my own work as a cartoonist as objectively as I can, I would say that I am Plenty Good Enough®. You can easily find lots of cartoonists who are technically better than I am, whose work is more dazzling and impressive and arresting than mine. But my goal in my comics is to tell a story, and my work tells that story with clarity and with some appeal. The story wouldn't be better if my work were more "eye candy" than it is. My drawing works for what I do, more often than not.

While Pat is not the most amazing pianist you ever heard, he is still a better pianist than most people you know, primarily because most people you know aren't trying to play piano at all. Similarly, I am a better cartoonist than most of the people you know. (Even though you know, or know of, quite a few who are much better than I am.) And this doesn't mean I'm not trying to be better -- but I do that for me, because I find pleasure in becoming a better cartoonist. But as I stand now, I feel like I am Plenty Good Enough®.

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a surge of faith in my work

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