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johncomic: (Booth)
deep rest and good haddock
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
a really tasty batch of bloobs
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
a double today:

1) managing to put a major dent in yesterday's migraine by getting a good long solid night's sleep last night

2) having the opportunity to pick up an extra-large black Tims on the way to work today
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
this cup of coffee I am having right now -- it is quite good
johncomic: (Booth)
leisurely coffee on a leisurely morning
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
coffee grounds don't float
johncomic: (Booth)
Turkey anticipation!
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
big honkin' fresh blueberries
johncomic: (Face of Boe)
a quiet easy morning on a beautiful sunny day... a little alone time with coffee and beloved tunes -- hard to beat
johncomic: (happy piggy)
Bananas - tasty and healthy, and kinda miraculous to think that they grow like half the world away and yet I can get them pretty much any time I want. We live in an amazing age [and often take it for granted].
johncomic: (Steve the Pirate ani)
ending a 13-hour fast
johncomic: (Booth)

Just had one, not long off the tree and perfectly ripe -- there just might be nothing better than this.
johncomic: (Booth)
the magic of internet food -- being able to go online and order supper for pick-up a day in advance! all taken care of, woot!
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
dry-roasted seasoned peanuts
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
Fresh-baked sourdough bread.
johncomic: (SK BW)
kicking back with dry-roasted seasoned peanuts and a coffee while I listen to The Charlatans and wait for the ink on my latest page to dry -- life doesn’t get much sweeter than this
johncomic: (Uncle Old Guy)
johncomic: (happy piggy)
A chocolate gift to our department from a grateful client -- with a special word of thanks directed to me and my awesome spreadsheet skills!
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johncomic: (Booth)
Cherry yogurt -- don't seem to see it as often as other kinds...

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