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Finally getting to watch For Your Consideration.

I dearly love Christopher Guest’s mockumentary series -- Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, and perhaps most famously, This Is Spinal Tap -- and FYC did not disappoint in any regard. Like the other films, this one made me laugh out loud and also made me wonder at how deeply it could touch me. I find so much affection in these films -- even when people's foibles are being mocked and skewered, even when the characters aren't lovable, somehow they all seem loved, anyway. So much love for the simple fact of being human -- amazing.
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Finally saw Men in Black 3. (Many of you will not be surprised -- you know that I often take forever to see a film, if I ever even do get around to it...) A couple of quick observations thereupon: 

  1. I had to work very hard not to tear up at one point -- wasn't expecting that from a MiB movie.

  2. Once again I can't help feeling that: if Hollywood still made Westerns, Tommy Lee Jones would have to be in every.  Single.  One.

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Just got to see Wreck-It Ralph -- loved it!!
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Watching a movie with my wife and kids when we all enjoy it pretty much equally.
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The fifth of November, which always gives us an excuse to watch V for Vendetta again -- which we just did.

As always, I love that film more every time I see it.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Tokyo Story, and no way.
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Two of my all-time fave theme songs, back when I was a kid and continuing on to this day, are The Jetsons and Jonny Quest. If I could get someone to produce a theme song for Space Kid!, I would probably want it to split the difference, combining The Jetsons' sweeping strings and “futurey” edgy harmonies, and Jonny Quest's thundering breathless adventure.

The amazing thing is that both of those songs were written by the same guy: Hoyt Curtin. In fact, Mr. Curtin wrote many other indisputably classic cartoon themes, such as the almost-equally-sweeping-and-thundering Battle of the Planets, Top Cat, and one everyone knows, The Flintstones! Chances are this guy wrote at least one song that you think is really great.

If only he were still with us, I would hire him in a flash. Ah well, at least we still have Michael Giacchino! I could get him to create something Incredible for me!
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The aftermath of a pretty nice Father's Day:

Paisley got me a coupla nice books fulla cute pitchers of aminals, Hunter went to the movies with me to see the new X-Men, Sharon got me a coupla nice shirts and BBQ'd me a nice supper, plus I had time to get some drawing done and listen to some fave jazz.

Like I said, pretty nice.
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“Which comic book character would you like to see on the silver screen?”

Dishman, of course! :D

“Who would you cast to play the role?”

Jack Lemmon as he was in the 1950s...
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The Brothers of the Head soundtrack -- every so often I need to remind myself how much I love it. Recent repeated listenings are doing it for me again now!


Apr. 2nd, 2011 08:29 pm
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Just saw School of Rock again -- it's always even better than I remember it being. Dunno how it manages to consistently surprise me that way. Off the top of my head I'd say Still Crazy is another one like that.

Thing is, I already think they're really good -- but when I watch them again, they remind of me of more greatness that I'd forgotten. Pretty tricky.
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Just got the soundtrack CD for Still Crazy, one of those movies I love probably more than it deserves. And admittedly, if this album was merely an album, I wouldn't have bought it purely on the strength of the music. But since my ears and brain can connect all the songs to the film, the music gains an irrational affectionate synergy and I end up loving the album too. Basically I'm once again indulging myself in a rationally indefensible fondness, but it makes me happy and harms no one so why not?
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Finally got Serenity on DVD! We've had the Firefly series on disc for a while now and seen it a few times, but only saw Serenity once, back in Sept '08. Jonesin to see it again for a while now, and now we can! And now we have the whole thing!

FWIW, I'm still keepin an eye out for a good deal on the two-disc special edition Serenity, but in the meantime this'll do. (And, I mean, this was only seven bux, eh?)

And, just for the record, the final shot of the Firefly opening sequence, where the ship goes tearin overhead over all them runnin horses -- that is one of The Coolest Things Ever®. I'm just sayin.
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Guy Fawkes Day always reminds me how much I love V for Vendetta.
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Lately I've been deeply moved by a number of stories I've been reading or watching, where something seems to touch close to my heart. It's usually small subtle things as opposed to sweeping soapish melodrama, but I feel like there's deep truth in the corners of these stories. I find myself wishing I could write something [which in my case means a comic] that could reach people the same way.

I also find myself wondering if I even have any similar deep feelings and insights of my own, or if I'm capable of expressing them. In other words, if I'm gonna write something, then what do I have that I can say?

I've been stuck at that point for years....
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... but saw a news item about it that made me think:

They were talking about its performance at the box office, and someone pointed out that, because it's so long, most theatres can only run it once a night instead of a more usual two or even three. Therefore that limits the number of tickets you can sell in a given time, e.g., on opening weekend.

Obvious after it's spelled out for me, but I admit I never thought about that before. Now I see why studios are always fretting so much about movies running too long. Could Watchmen have doubled its gross this weekend if it was shorter?
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Well now that I finally [*koff* cheap bastard waited till he could find a secondhand copy *koff*] got this flick on DVD I can OD on it.

Over the weekend I watched it three times -- twice with the kids and once on me tod. Every time I catch more things in it, more levels of meaning, more details that pull it together into a coherent statement. Yes I know there are still some holes in it, but I love it anyhoo. It gets me all wibbly sometimes, even....

I'll even go so far as to say it reaches me and works for me in ways that the graphic novel did not. So take that, Alan ya purist... ;P
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Loved it. Will definitely buy it when it comes out.
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Today my kids and I were all home with the flu. One of our preferred activities at such times is to watch movies together. This morning, the kids decided on Star Wars -- as in the real first original Star Wars. I was kinda surprised, as all their earlier attempts to watch it had bored them into leaving before the first hour. But that was long ago, they're more mature and savvier film buffs these days [being aged 16 and 13]... so I figured sure, let's go for it.

We ended up watching Empire and Jedi afterward and made a full day of it. What a hoot.

The kids were surprised at how good they all were. They were riveted thru the whole trilogy. I was hearing comments like "how good the writing and characterizations were" and how they "can't believe what they were able to do without CGI" and suchlike. They didn't think it was The Pinnacle of Cinematic Art or anything, but they'd had vague memories of the movies being Lame Old Crap™ and were pleasantly shocked to see that they were way better than that.

I was surprised at how gripping and moving certain scenes continue to be for me, after all these years and all those replays. [It's been a few years since I last saw them, so I've had a chance to lose my tolerance and get re-sensitized, perhaps? ;P ]

I was even more surprised to realize that today is the first time I have ever watched the entire trilogy in one sitting. I would've expected that of myself long before this, but no.

Most surprising of all: it's been close to thirty years now since I started watching these flicks, and still.... every single time Carrie Fisher's big brown eyes appear in closeup, I. am. a. goner.

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