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The culmination of a dream.

Ever since I started watching [and loving] the anime BECK in 2007, I have wished for a CD of the songs from that series. Soundtrack albums were released for the original Japanese cartoon, but not for the English dub, which are the songs I know and love. (The series was never big enough over to here to warrant that sort of treatment.) So I was S.O.L. in that regard.

Last night, I finally managed to cobble together and burn a homemade disc featuring the English songs -- and I tell ya, I love these songs so much that I tear up sometimes when listening to them. (Which I guess goes along with the fact that I sometimes tear up when watching the show.) Anyway, this is a very nice gift to myself.
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An unusually interesting and fun [for me] dream:  

and here it is )
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This mornin, I was finally able to come up with a design for a gundam for Episode Five -- one which I am not only fairly happy with, but also one which I feel fits the feel of the series.

I need three gundam designs for that episode, but now that I have the first one nailed, it feels like the next two will be easier to whip up. Waggy tail!
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I passed my eye exam.

Meaning that my eyes are in the same shape as they were a year ago. As a diabetic I am urged to get my eyes checked every year to look for any retinal damage (which the disease can cause). So far, no sign of any retinal boo-boos for over ten years now.

Plus there's the simple “getting old” aspect which eventually caused me to need reading (and drawing) glasses -- however, my reading prescription from two years ago continues to be what I need today, so my lenses have not grown more decrepit this year.

Part of my annual exam is eye drops that dilate my pupils for hours afterward -- Hunter tells me that this makes me look like Zatch Bell.
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The aftermath of an unusually good Father's Day, where lotsa swell sutff happened:

- we went shoppin and I got two new pairs o' pants
- I got to spend the afternoon working on the pencils for the next page of Space Kid!
- I got a haircut from my fave stylist
- for supper we had Swiss Chalet and giant donuts
- I got a hammock, and Sharon and Hunter even assembled it for me
- then we hung out together and watched some Gurren Lagann

Any one of those things woulda made for a pretty good day. Altogether they constitute an embarrassment of riches.
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Finally got to see Ponyo! I am always such a sucker for Miyazaki's unique magic. Not his absolute best, perhaps, but still wonderful. Like all his others [that I've seen so far], I will re-watch this repeatedly and with delight.

Marine Boy

Jan. 27th, 2010 01:09 pm
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Marine Boy first broadcast in North America in 1968, when I was 11. It was the first anime I ever saw, and what a strange experience it was.

Nothing I'd ever seen before in animation prepared me for it: the willowy figures with their elongated legs; immense eyes, lovingly highlighted; impossibly wide-open mouths that didn't move in time with what they were saying; Prof. Fumble's gargantuan proboscis; the sometimes stiff voice acting and scripting...

Even at my tender age, I realized some parts of the show were absurd. Marine Boy had no “secret identity”, no “real name” -- his own father called him “Marine Boy”. And he always wore his spiffy superhero-ey suit -- even when laid up in a hospital bed, he was in full costume, we never once saw his ears. [Yes, even way back then I was hung up on mundane little details like that. Mundanity runs deep into my core: that's why I drew Dishman and not Spawn...]

However, oddly enough I found myself fascinated by Marine Boy's depiction of the sea, especially the surface with its waves and eddies. Somehow I knew that this water had been drawn by people who were deeply familiar with the ocean, who had spent a lot of time studying its appearance and how it moves. The credits told me that this cartoon had been made in Japan and I suspected that had a lot to do with it. Marine Boy was truly, deeply different. Not brilliant, yet somehow fascinating nonetheless, and unique.

Today, I'm working on a couple of new comic ideas for this year, and I realize that one of them is being heavily influenced [albeit unconsciously, at first] by Marine Boy. I haven't seen the show in like forty years, and yet aspects of it remain clear and vivid with me after all this time. Hard to predict what things we will fixate on or latch onto in the course of our lives, what things will be important to us and stay with us...
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This mornin I got thinkin about how Hunter has learned to play a number of the songs from BECK, and how cool that is. Even more cool is that I taught him how to play them. I like it when me and him can do sutff like that.


Sep. 22nd, 2009 01:42 pm
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- I thought last night's season premiere of House was quite good. Maybe not perfect but quite good. Enjoyed it.

- Showcase has started showing old Bones episodes at 10pm Mon thru Thurs. It's nice to have that much Bones available to choose from, but I often miss the end - it's hard for me to stay awake in front of the TV all the way from 10 to 11pm, no matter what's on....

- Showcase has also started showing the next season of Weeds. Not sure why, but what used to be “a gripping, do-not-miss show” for me, is now something that's “fun and I try to make a point of seeing it”. I'm just not quite as Into™ Weeds as I used to be. I don't think it's actually declined in quality, so WTF? Guess it's just me...

- hoping to see Stephen Fry in America again sometime

- have pulled out the DVDs and started re-watching BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad - something I seem to do a couple of times every year

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