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Discovering a “new” [to me] TV show that I really enjoy...
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The culmination of a dream.

Ever since I started watching [and loving] the anime BECK in 2007, I have wished for a CD of the songs from that series. Soundtrack albums were released for the original Japanese cartoon, but not for the English dub, which are the songs I know and love. (The series was never big enough over to here to warrant that sort of treatment.) So I was S.O.L. in that regard.

Last night, I finally managed to cobble together and burn a homemade disc featuring the English songs -- and I tell ya, I love these songs so much that I tear up sometimes when listening to them. (Which I guess goes along with the fact that I sometimes tear up when watching the show.) Anyway, this is a very nice gift to myself.
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Yesterday, during one of our "feeling our age" chats, my boss mentioned those times that she will be talking to a group of students and drop a reference to Gilligan's Island or Hogan's Heroes and draw an utter blank.

I realized that those old shows are still being shown somewhere... and a big part of our life was about watching syndicated reruns over and over for years and years... but also realized that this isn't what people do anymore, so much. Hanging around "seeing what's on TV" isn't how people kill time anymore. It isn't even how they watch shows anymore. People record them or download them and binge-watch, which ten or so years ago wasn't even really an option. You never get exposed to an old series anymore unless you deliberately go out of your way to track it down -- and why would you?

And so a lot of old cultural touchstones are falling by the wayside. Namedropping Sgt Schultz now is becoming like namedropping "Begin the Beguine" -- it used to mean something to everybody, but now not so much.

TV as I knew it, as a cultural concept and construct, is dying. But the weird part is that I never saw it coming.
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An unusually interesting and fun [for me] dream:  

and here it is )
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The Jetsons premiered fifty years ago today. The show was such an immense formative influence on me that traces of it persist even into my present-day work. And I also mentioned it more specifically in a graphic novel script I wrote in the 90s.

And here's an excerpt from that script! )
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[livejournal.com profile] captaincadet lent me the first three issues of Adventure Time!

I'm happy to see they've done such a good job with the book. The show has a very particular yet hard-to-define tone, one which I wasn't sure “outsiders” would necessarily be able to capture. But Ryan North is doing [what I feel is] an extremely creditable job making his scripts read like you're watching the show. I am impressed!
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I made a “professional connection” this mornin.

I was sitting in *$ workin on rough page layouts for SK when this guy came over and introduced himself. He saw me workin on what looked to him like storyboards, so he wanted to find out if I was a storyboard artist. (Sometimes he hires same for his personal projects.)

I told him, “Not really, I'm a comic artist.” He expressed interest in my work so I gave him my card with my URL. And then I told him “But my son is a storyboard artist!” [cuz he is] and wrote Hunter's contact info on my card. He gave me his card and we parted happy.

It was kinda cool. Made me feel real for a minute.
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Curling finals are back!
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The scene where Denholm goes out the window in Series 2 of The IT Crowd.
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Two of my all-time fave theme songs, back when I was a kid and continuing on to this day, are The Jetsons and Jonny Quest. If I could get someone to produce a theme song for Space Kid!, I would probably want it to split the difference, combining The Jetsons' sweeping strings and “futurey” edgy harmonies, and Jonny Quest's thundering breathless adventure.

The amazing thing is that both of those songs were written by the same guy: Hoyt Curtin. In fact, Mr. Curtin wrote many other indisputably classic cartoon themes, such as the almost-equally-sweeping-and-thundering Battle of the Planets, Top Cat, and one everyone knows, The Flintstones! Chances are this guy wrote at least one song that you think is really great.

If only he were still with us, I would hire him in a flash. Ah well, at least we still have Michael Giacchino! I could get him to create something Incredible for me!
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[mostly yoinked from a conversation I had with Sharon]:

One of the keys to sitcom success [in this case “success” = “we like it”] is that your hero must not be annoying. One of your main characters can be annoying, and many of the greatest and most popular characters in sitcoms are annoying, but it's usually clear that they aren't The Hero of the show.

In Corner Gas, Nancy Robertson was annoying but she wasn't The Hero, so that was fine. In Hiccups, she's annoying and she's The Hero, which is part of the reason why that show isn't working as well. Neil Patrick Harris is the most annoying character on How I Met Your Mother, but he's not The Hero even though he may be your hero. Regardless of who you like best on Big Bang Theory, Leonard is The Hero and Sheldon, The Annoying One, is not. The Annoying One is not The Hero. Mess with that formula at your peril.

Before you say Seinfeld, I must point out that, despite its long run, high ratings, and universal acclaim, Seinfeld does not meet our definition of success. [Sure it's a subjective system, so what!]

An aside: part of the miracle of Corner Gas is this: it actually had several Annoying Ones, and all of them were lovable too. Ponder that for awhile and you will realize how extremely rare an achievement that is.
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I did this as part of a greeting card, and I was kinda tickled by how it turned out. Thought I'd post it here in case it makes someone else smile:

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Awhile back I posted here that I wish Seeley Booth was my friend. I only recently noticed that, in some bizarre way, he sorta is.

Apparently this has been going on in my head for some time before I consciously noticed it was happening, but: sometimes when things are bugging me and I'm feeling down, I find myself wondering “What would Booth say?”

I have vague little quasi-conversations in my head with Booth, where he gives me advice and tells me things to make me feel better, just like he does for pretty much everybody on Bones. And, strangely enough, it often works.



Apr. 5th, 2010 02:37 pm
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...judging by the first episode, I'd say that the new series of Doctor Who this year is going to do just fine. Who's with me?
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First new Bones in like two months -- WOOT!
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After this mornin's game, Team Canada remains the only undefeated team in the series! You go, ladies!
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Women's curling is on this week! “World Cup”, no less! (Since the Winter Olympics finished I've been kinda jonesin for some women's curling...)

The fact that Canada is currently leading is merely a bonus. :P

PS: gotta love Team Norway's Twister pants!
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Finally got to see every episode of Life on Mars, yay! [By which I mean the real one, I can't believe that anyone would bother to produce an American remake of it but yes apparently that happened while I wasn't looking...]
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Last night Sharon and I were skimming through the episode descriptions in the listings for upcoming TV programs, and we noticed that House was “a Cuddy episode”. Sharon said “Oh joy” with a detectable amount of sarcasm.

I said to her, “You don't like Cuddy?”

To which she replied, “I don't actually like any character on that show.”

And in that instant it struck me like a thunderclap as I consciously realized for the first time: neither do I.

Astonishing to think that I've been watching House for years and never noticed that aspect of it until now.

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