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being able to listen to The Charlatans while driving
johncomic: (BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad)
I was thinkin recently... about how there are some bands that I love the first time I hear one song from them... and others that take time [sometimes years] to grow on me. And I wondered if there is any kind of relationship... similarity among the bands on one list, or distinction between the bands on both lists... any effect on how much I love them or how long I love them.... and TBH, as the list assembles: I don't see it. What puts a band on one list or the other appears completely random to me. Huh.

Rare Earth
Deep Purple
Alex Harvey
Max Webster
New York Dolls
The Saints
Black Flag
Hanoi Rocks
Dead or Alive
Sigue Sigue Sputnik
Age of Chance
King's X
Ruriko Kuboh
Shonen Knife
The White Stripes

Slow Growers
The Guess Who
Jimi Hendrix
The Move
T. Rex
Cheap Trick
Black Sabbath
Talking Heads
The Pursuit of Happiness
Ned's Atomic Dustbin
The Stone Roses
The Charlatans
Collective Soul
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The birthday of my fave album of 2013, Graceless, released one year ago today -- rock on, lads!

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Driving in the countryside while listening to early Charlatans, which seems to fit somehow...
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Wishes, the first single by a newly reconfigured band appearing for the first time as Sulk -- released on this date two years ago! Happy birthday, Sulk!
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The life and work of Charlatans drummer Jon Brookes, who just left us.

Not only a founding member of the band over twenty years ago and constant presence ever since, he was one of the all-time great rock drummers. I considered him and bassist Martin Blunt to be probably the finest rhythm section in contemporary rock.

RIP,  Mr. Brookes.  :(
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Just got this album last night, after searching for it for nearly twenty years. Granted, it's not classic Stone Roses, but it's still The Stone Roses -- and, therefore, essential.

[Hear it now!]
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New Sulk single, released today!

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The Stone Roses -- an album (and band) that captured the imagination of a generation (at least in the UK).  Especially recommended is the 20th anniversary re-release, which includes: the album [remastered by the original producer], a disc of demos, and a DVD of their legendary August 1989 concert in Blackpool, widely considered to be a major turning point in their career.  They walked into that building a cult band and walked out a movement.

Timeless stuff which has spent years in my music players and my heart.
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Wishes -- whenever I hear it, this song always makes me happy (or happier).
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The year has wound down far enough that I may now safely announce: this is 2011's Song of the Year, by the Band of the Year.
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I've had this sutff stuck in my head for weeks:

Back in Bloom


Up until recently they were working under another name, with results nearly as wonderful:


Sleeping Beauty

Marian Shrine

Umbrella Folds

I hope someone else out there shares my sense of discovery...
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Stone Roses reunion!

Yes, still lots of time for it to all fall apart before it gets off the ground... but this is the first time in fifteen years it has shown signs of anything other than a flat-out impossibility. Let's hope it works.

Whether they blow it or show the world, whatever happens... at least it's all four of 'em, back together at last!

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