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I saw Andrea Schöpp's double @ *$ this mornin -- life imitating, uhh, other life. It tickled me!
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Team Homan finished with at least some sort of medal, their very first time making it to the World Championship. Very well done, young ladies!
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Live curling streaming on TSN.ca - lets me keep one ear and half-an-eye on the daylight games while I'm stuck in the office!  (Nice smooth connection here at work, too!)
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The beginning of the Scotties today!
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There is a half-time break in curling, as I understand there is in football. Y'know what happens at half-time, even during the World Championship game?

The team sits on the floor in a circle and has juice-boxes and snacks.
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Curling finals are back!
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Team Canada = gold!
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Team Canada is now guaranteed to finish in first place in the round robin results! Keep goin', guys!
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Team Canada remains the undisputed leader and only undefeated team in the playoffs! Keep goin', guys!
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Team Canada made it to the final, even if they didn't win it all. Silver medals are nothing to be ashamed of!
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By which I mean last night's Canadian women's curling championship:

I honestly couldn't decide whether I was rooting for Jennifer Jones, because her team has been “my team” since I first started watching (not all that long ago) ... or if I wanted her to get her comeuppance, because of the shoddy way she treated Cathy O last year. [Sharon had already voted for comeuppance.]

My ambivalence notwithstanding, comeuppance is what happened.
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I watched the women's curling final last night instead of the Oscars. What can I tell ya.
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Curling is back!!
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After this mornin's game, Team Canada remains the only undefeated team in the series! You go, ladies!
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Women's curling is on this week! “World Cup”, no less! (Since the Winter Olympics finished I've been kinda jonesin for some women's curling...)

The fact that Canada is currently leading is merely a bonus. :P

PS: gotta love Team Norway's Twister pants!
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I don't check LJ every morning, but this morning I did... and I see that the first yay-many posts by my Friends are all empassioned outbursts concerning a college football title. The depth of feeling and introspection and social commentary in these posts is of an incisive intensity I don't always see here.

I had no idea this game was being played, let alone who won. I didn't know that any of the games leading up to it happened, either. And now that I've been informed of this event, I'm moved by the responses of my Friends, but the event itself still means nothing to me.

I can't remember the last time I felt so much like an alien.
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