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medical science and the lives it has saved
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 my coworkers -- I'm reminded that not everyone likes or gets on with theirs as well as I do mine
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getting positive feedback regarding my appearance
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 meeting Paula Needle

She agreed to come over from Harrogate to York to meet Sharon and me for tea. [Ended up being "just me", but that's another story...] Prior to this, she and I had exchanged a couple of brief PMs on FB but that's about it, it's not like we know each other much. But she has always been very kind via long distance, saying nice things about my art, helping to arrange for me to receive a limited edition Sulk CD, etc. (One of the members of Sulk is her son, and she seems to appreciate my support of his band.)

Anyway, I'm grateful that she was willing to put herself out for my sake... and I'm grateful that I was willing to push past my comfort zone and my shyness and make this "date". I don't do things like this normally [meeting people I don't or barely know], but I can see that this is a useful social skill for me to develop. I had a lovely time [hope she did, too] and I ended up extremely glad that this meeting happened -- it was one of the high points of my trip.

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people who appreciate my hidden virtues
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 people who seem glad to see me
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people who accept me
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On FB I am Friends with a large number of cartoonists, so for a few days now my feed has been filled with tributes and remembrances of Bernie Wrightson, who passed on the weekend. Much as happened with Darwyn Cooke last year, all these folks are remarking on not just what a great comic artist the guy was, but what a wonderful person and good friend.

And for some reason I find that I keep thinking about what these people are going to say when I go.

I am nowhere near the major figure [commercially or artistically] that Wrightson or Cooke are, so there isn't much reason for anyone to talk about how I was one of The Great Comic Artists. And these people barely know me, so they won't be talking about what a Good Guy I was either.

I find myself wondering if I ought to be more gregarious and outgoing, so that people will know me better and hopefully think of me as a friend. But then that strikes me as being fake and manipulative. It took me a long time to figure out who I really am, and I feel like I owe it to myself to be that person, even if I am in many ways not as good at human-ing as a lot of others are.

Besides, I have always told myself that I don't really care what people say about me when I'm gone, because I won't be here and I'll never know. What I mostly hope for is that someone will read my work after I go. But again, I'll never know whether they do or not, will I.

Not really sure what I'm getting at here, other than "I yam what I yam", for both good and ill, I guess.
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Although I did not create  Mag Wolf [shout-out to my brother Mich!], I have been drawing him semi-regularly for longer than any other character (40 yrs+)… so, by now, he really does feel like an old friend.

[holy mackinaw, I managed to stick with InkTober for the entire month and not miss a day! I confess, going in to this, I wasn't always so sure I could do it....]
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the positive feedback I have been getting about this month's InkTober drawings -- I confess, I like it when people like my work
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[and thankful for -- cuz it is Thanksgiving, eh?]

love -- both the people I love and those who love me... they humble me, but not enough to give it up
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remembering that there are people who like my comics
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the vicarious pleasure of friends getting good news
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... to [livejournal.com profile] ginsu, friend for over two decades now [garrrr!] - may your day rock in whichever ways you choose to rock it, good sir!
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when people enjoy music I share with them even more than I expected
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Meeting a fan IRL!

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Knowing Meg Rowe - I can't say we were close, but even I could see what an amazing and inspirational person she was...
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People with long memories.

Posted on FB about Dishman's anniversary [thirty years ago this month, the first issue was published], and received dozens of of kind acknowledgments and reminiscences. It's humbling to think that I made something that people still recall so fondly so many years later.
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Being able to walk.

My older brother has been bedridden for months, and when I visited him this morning I noticed how his legs have atrophied... and I couldn't help thinking that, if all his other medical issues were suddenly miraculously cured, he probably still would not be able to walk now -- he'd need weeks or months of physiotherapy to build his legs back up to where they could support him.

Another friend online reports frequent severe attacks of vertigo which make standing up and walking a substantial challenge, for yet different reasons.

And yet I do these things many times a day without giving it any thought. Today I'm giving it some thought.
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Flattering feedback from friends.

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