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People with long memories.

Posted on FB about Dishman's anniversary [thirty years ago this month, the first issue was published], and received dozens of of kind acknowledgments and reminiscences. It's humbling to think that I made something that people still recall so fondly so many years later.
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I posted another issue of Dishman online today, which gave me another opportunity to look at my old work. As is pretty much par for the course, I'm not inordinately pleased with it. In fact, to me it looks like unprofessional work [with the occasional moment -- but “occasional moments” are not enough to make you a pro].

Today I am grateful that there are some professionals out there who disagree with me. In particular today, I'm thinking of Jim Salicrup, who was an editor at Topps Comics in 1993 and invited me to produce an original Dishman short story as a back-up feature for an issue of one of his books. This allowed me my most professional comics experience ever! He provided me with free top-of-the-line art supplies (which I was unable to find or afford for myself in those days), he assigned a pro colorist to my work, I was in a book that was being distributed to all the comics shops at the height of the boom so that meant exposure... and the title that my back-up appeared in was a series that had been created by Jack Kirby, so my name appeared along with Jack's in the credits. 

I never felt so much like a pro as I did during that short assignment. And Jim must've thought my work was good enough to be treated that way, cuz it was all his idea, he came to me and asked me to do it. A nice memory!
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Party like it's 1985! The first issue of my old zine The Mundane Adventures of Dishman has been re-presented online for your edification and delectation! Yep, it's there right now! Go look -- g'wan, it's okay!

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