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For I forget how many decades now, I've been hearing about how using the images of women to sell commodities objectifies and dehumanizes women, and that this is A Bad Male Thing Our Culture Does.  And “like a good feminist” I have listened to these arguments and given them careful thought.

For many months now, Sharon has gotten into reading romantic fiction [not Harlequins, but rather higher-profile, “more respectable” romance novels]... and I can't help noticing that these books, almost without exception, have a cover picture of a muscular guy with his shirt open or missing -- and most or all of his head runs up off the top edge of the cover.  In other words, he has no face.

And I think about objectification and dehumanization, and realize that these books are marketed to women almost exclusively...  and I can't help but say “Hmmmm...”
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In terms of the standard romantic idea of The One and Only®: no.

I believe our hormones can make us feel as if we have met our soulmate. But when I see how many people have felt that way more than once... have felt that way and been wrong more than once... obviously there's no way to be sure you have met them. It's an unverifiable concept.

It's also kinda meaningless. All that matters is finding a really good match that makes you both happy, and that's a concept I do believe in.
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gender ''politics''... not necessarily interesting )
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Bachianas Brasileiras

A great deal if you're into rich, colorful classics. Villa-Lobos was one of the most rewarding 20th-century composers of any culture and any decade, and this package gives you 3 discs of high-quality performance and recording for a truly bargain price.

Proof that Brazil has given the world more than just The Perfect Ass™... ;P
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... well, sorta but not really... )

fake poll

Aug. 9th, 2005 12:02 am
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for ladies only, I suppose )

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