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The triumph of survival.

Last night I saw a recent photo of an old friend. She looked luminous (as she did back when she was part of my daily life) and not even close to her age.

She did not look like she had ever been ravaged by cancer and was now lucky to be here.

She's currently holding a senior academic position in a discipline she loves, one which recognizes her intelligence and abilities. She's also raised a family she loves. And I felt a pang of love for her when I saw this new picture -- she's not only still living, she's living well.
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46 today -- have a great one!
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Well wait a minute: are we talking about attraction or relationships here? This question is mushing them up!

Attraction doesn't take much commonality apart from biochemistry -- but for a relationship, I think some common values and perhaps goals are essential. Differing interests I think you can work around, if you share a set of values that encourages each of you to be yourself...
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I would be bewildered. If the situation were reversed, I think she would be disgusted.
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In terms of the standard romantic idea of The One and Only®: no.

I believe our hormones can make us feel as if we have met our soulmate. But when I see how many people have felt that way more than once... have felt that way and been wrong more than once... obviously there's no way to be sure you have met them. It's an unverifiable concept.

It's also kinda meaningless. All that matters is finding a really good match that makes you both happy, and that's a concept I do believe in.

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