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being married to my fave chef

UK musings

Aug. 4th, 2017 12:34 pm
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I fell hard for York while we were there. The place seemed like such a comfortable fit for me, built on what I see as a more human scale than the vastness of London (its wondrousness notwithstanding). All of us ended up sorta-wishing that, rather than booking two weeks in York and one in London, that we had booked all three in York. I actually had to hold back tears when we were on our way to the railway station to finally leave.

A while later, I realized that my response was very similar to how I feel when I develop a crush on someone. The feeling is very pleasant and very powerful... but it can also be based on only the briefest acquaintance, without necessarily very many hard facts on which to ground this positive evaluation. So I quickly saw that it would not be smart to suddenly pull up stakes and try to move there.... but at the same time, the feeling is, in and of itself, real... not to be denied or dismissed, but to be enjoyed for the pleasures it brings to my life. So it remains a place of fond memories and warm regards. And if I'm very lucky, I will go back someday.

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people who appreciate my hidden virtues
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 re-confirming a deep lesson: 

There are times when my experience of love is simply a knowing. At the moment, I might not feel like I love you -- no connection to those feelings at all, right now. But I still know that I do. Not because I should, not because it's expected or required... I simply know that I do.

Not sure if I can explain it any more fully than that, but I find it a deep and sobering and humbling thing.
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going out for a great meal and great time with all the kids -- I got spoiled having all of them at home all the time before, so now when we are all together it's a special occasion
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can't decide among several so I will toss them all in!

1) long ago, Sharon taught me that, if the name of the month contains an R, it is good luck for the first word you say upon waking on the first of that month to be “rabbit”. And yesterday I learned that the Japanese consider it good luck to watch the sun rise on January 1. Today I did both, so my luck is all sewn up!

2) this year, for the first time I can remember, I didn't gain any weight between Christmas and New Year's.

3) The Mighty Chris turns 45 today - I am grateful to have him and his work here.

4) I found some new faces to tackle for my Ink Studies and I am excited about getting to them.

5) my family is happy and healthy.

6) today is beautiful and sunny for the first time in what seems like weeks.
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the caring and love of my children
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My family -- they are all really swell! I need to stop and remember that more often....
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the creativity of my family members
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[and thankful for -- cuz it is Thanksgiving, eh?]

love -- both the people I love and those who love me... they humble me, but not enough to give it up
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the vicarious pleasure of friends getting good news
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Generosity -- even when I am not the recipient of it. It is simply a joy to see it in action.
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One of my birthday presents:


Paisley designed and made a book bag for me. It is strong and has pleasing colours and textures, and it holds my reading glasses and up to three small books or one biggish one. I am so impressed and delighted by it!
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Petting a licky pup.
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quiet restful vacation days, with some drawing under my belt and more in the offing
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Old friends who stick by you no matter what.
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Talking with my kids.
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Rediscovering “lost” loves from my childhood...
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Sometimes I wonder if not believing in God because science, is like not believing in love because math.
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My mom, of course.

This is the first Mother's Day ever that I will not be able to talk to her. She has no phone where she is now and -- as is so often the case -- I'm not feeling up to the trip of going down to see her in person. Feels kinda strange. I always call her on Mother's Day.

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