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the fact that I am deriving ever-increasing enjoyment and fulfillment from this Blue Note Binge® I have been on over the last few weeks

John Coltrane Blue Train cover what a classic
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when there is jazz playing @ *$
johncomic: (The Mighty Scott)
the classic sound of 50s and early 60s Blue Note

every so often I come back to these recordings as I am doing now... archetypal and definitive, comforting yet still revealing new depths years later

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being able to listen to The Charlatans while driving
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some alone time in the car with beautiful music on a beautiful day
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 revisiting old once-loved music and still loving it


Jul. 2nd, 2017 08:47 pm
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On Friday we took the train from York to Greenwich, arriving in late afternoon. Today, I went to the M&S in Greenwich and had A Moment that I want to preserve...

In front of the store was a lone busker on tenor sax, playing Duke Ellington a capella. I needed to wait for Kyle to finish his shopping, so I decided to wait near this guy and listen to him. He wasn't a deep or breathtaking improviser, although he could easily have held his own in the reed section of a swing band... but his tone was as rich, powerful, and gorgeous as any pro I have ever heard.

He noticed I was actually paying attention to him, and starting chatting with me between numbers. He asked if I played an instrument, I told him I used to, we talked about carpal tunnel and the joy of creating as well as listening... he offered his hand, asked my name, gave his -- I believe he said it was Sylvan... he asked where I was from and about my family... we talked about the ups and downs of aging (he is 60 as well)... then Kyle came and it was time to go. He had a serene peace about him and I appreciated his outgoing friendliness -- the whole encounter really added to my enjoyment and appreciation of this trip. I feel lucky to have met him, even only briefly.

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 new creative discoveries
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can't decide among several so I will toss them all in!

1) long ago, Sharon taught me that, if the name of the month contains an R, it is good luck for the first word you say upon waking on the first of that month to be “rabbit”. And yesterday I learned that the Japanese consider it good luck to watch the sun rise on January 1. Today I did both, so my luck is all sewn up!

2) this year, for the first time I can remember, I didn't gain any weight between Christmas and New Year's.

3) The Mighty Chris turns 45 today - I am grateful to have him and his work here.

4) I found some new faces to tackle for my Ink Studies and I am excited about getting to them.

5) my family is happy and healthy.

6) today is beautiful and sunny for the first time in what seems like weeks.
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My fave Christmas album!
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rediscovering a track I fell in love with forty years ago and then sorta forgot about... [if I could find a link to share it here, I would]
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geting a terrific bargain on CD bundles of reissues of like twenty Sonny Rollins albums from the 50s and 60s -- ultimo-primo sutff!!

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Over sixty years after it was recorded... and over forty years after I first had it recommended... I am finally hearing Jazz Goes to College!

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the music and musicianship of Chico Hamilton
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The Song of the Autumnal Equinox!
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a nice lady at the car-audio shop who saved me a trip in for a service appt by walking me through “how to remove the front of my player and hit the hidden internal reset button”
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being able to listen to [purdy damb near] the compleat recorded works of Thelonious Monk
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the arrival of the second Sulk album:

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our kids and their creativity -- I feel like we set a good example for them by letting them grow up in a house where it was normal to see people making things
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finding a rare Ash album for my collection

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