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Rediscovering an old artistic love.
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A tree.

Near my office is a tree that looks very much like the one in the picture [I hope you can see] below. So whenever I see it, I am reminded of this album, and therefore of Rautavaara's music, which I quite like. I find this rather cool.

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The work of John Weinzweig, OC -- “The Dean of Canadian Composers” left us on this date in 2006. But he left us with one of my favourite bodies of musical works. I remember and salute him today.
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46 today -- have a great one!
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Anything that I have heard Hilary Hahn record, strikes me as The Definitive Performance of that piece. I mean, I can't even say the same for Jacqueline du Pré, so, uhh, there it is.
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I had so much fun making those influence maps for that meme, I decided to make a bunch more!

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... to the Dean of Canadian Composers, John Weinzweig. (would've been 97 today)
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Alan Hovhaness also dug mountains, apparently. A lot of his compositions are about, or based on, or inspired by, or dedicated to, or otherwise related to mountains. (Check him out, his sutff is purdy cool.)
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Seems to me like Havergal Brian must've really enjoyed doing what he did.... an unusual tale.
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I dunno what it is about string quartets, but they really intrigue me and rub me the right way. A well-written, well-recorded one somehow sounds as full and rich as an entire orchestra, and it fascinates me how just four guys with such lo-tech equipment can do that. Pick just about any composer, and their string quartets will usually be some of my fave pieces of theirs. Kinda geeky, I know...

Hope these links work:


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I only heard the news today [oh boy] but can't let it pass unremarked...

Weinzweig was often dubbed "The Dean of Canadian Composers" -- one of the country's first modernist composers, one of the finest modernist composers of any place or time [definitely in my own personal Top Ten Composers Ever], and teacher to generations that followed. Most likely no single person had a greater effect on the flavour and direction of my nation's "serious" music.

Maestro, I salute you.
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...it's stranger than we can imagine. And ditto the human mind. To wit:

Huh. )
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How many violinists can dance on the head of a pin? )
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Bachianas Brasileiras

A great deal if you're into rich, colorful classics. Villa-Lobos was one of the most rewarding 20th-century composers of any culture and any decade, and this package gives you 3 discs of high-quality performance and recording for a truly bargain price.

Proof that Brazil has given the world more than just The Perfect Ass™... ;P
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if you like classical music but don't know a lot about it... )

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