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Two of my all-time fave theme songs, back when I was a kid and continuing on to this day, are The Jetsons and Jonny Quest. If I could get someone to produce a theme song for Space Kid!, I would probably want it to split the difference, combining The Jetsons' sweeping strings and “futurey” edgy harmonies, and Jonny Quest's thundering breathless adventure.

The amazing thing is that both of those songs were written by the same guy: Hoyt Curtin. In fact, Mr. Curtin wrote many other indisputably classic cartoon themes, such as the almost-equally-sweeping-and-thundering Battle of the Planets, Top Cat, and one everyone knows, The Flintstones! Chances are this guy wrote at least one song that you think is really great.

If only he were still with us, I would hire him in a flash. Ah well, at least we still have Michael Giacchino! I could get him to create something Incredible for me!
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